Why Do People Travel?

Elementary School Year 4 

Do you agree that travelling is very popular? Do you think that travelling is fun? Let’s learn the words to speak about travelling.

travel  – подорожувати
We often travel to the south of Ukraine. Do you like travelling about Ukraine? Are you going to travel on holidays? I think travelling is fun.

travel to the seaside – подорожувати до моря
Last summer we travelled to the seaside by car. How do you usually travel to the sea?

travel to the mountains – подорожувати в гори
They travel to the mountains every winter because they like skiing. We decided to travel to the mountains by train.

by train – на поїзді
Travelling by train is popular. Travelling by train is more comfortable than travelling by bus.

by plane – на літаку
Jim likes travelling by plane. Traveling by plane is the fastest way of travelling.

by boat – човном
They travelled to a beautiful island by boat. They like going by boat across the Dnipro River. Travelling by boat is exciting.

by car – на машині
My family usually travels by car because it is fast and comfortable.

by taxi – на таксі
I sometimes go by taxi because it is the fastest transport in the city.

on foot – пішки
I like going on foot. They go on foot to the mountains. Do you go to school on foot?

stay – залишатися
I often stay with friends at my place. I stay at granny’s at the weekends. We stayed at the hotel for a week. Where are you going to stay on your summer holidays?

a trip – поїздка
He is on a trip to Odessa. We are on our trip to Scotland. Have a nice trip! Our trip to Kyiv was interesting.

arrive – прибувати
He arrived yesterday. The train has arrived at the platform. When is the bus arriving?

arrive in (a city, a country)
They arrived in England in the morning. Many tourists arrive in big city every day. He arrived in a small town.

arrive at (the station, airport)
They arrived at the airport early in the morning. The train arrived at the station on time.

railway station – залізничний вокзал
The train arrived at the railway station. The railway station in Kyiv is very big. There is no railway station in Kaniv.

leave (left, left) – залишати, покідати
I leave home for school at 8 o’clock. The train leaves at 5pm. When does the train number 177 leave for London?

platform – платформа
The train number 38 to Oxford leaves at 7:30 from platform 3. When does your train leave? Which platform does the train to London leave from?

information desk – довідковий стіл
Where is the information desk? If you need any information you may get it at the information desk.

be going to – збиратись, мати намір
Your grandpa is going to visit us tomorrow. Is he going to come by train or by bus?

meet (met, met) – зустрічати
We are going to meet him at the railway station. He asked to meet him at the airport. I often meet my friends in the park.

on time – вчасно
The train arrived in Mironivka on time. Did the plane arrive on time? The bus didn’t arrive at the bus station on time.

late – пізно
He came to school late. The car didn’t arrive in Lviv on time, it arrived late.

ticket – квиток
I bought tickets to the bus. Did you buy the tickets? How much is the ticket to Kyiv?

passenger – пасажир
There were some passengers in the bus. When you have tickets for some kind of transport, you are a passenger.

suitcase – валіза
Is this your suitcase? My suitcase is heavy. Can you help me to carry my suitcase?

arrange your trip – організовувати поїздку
You must arrange your trip. I helped my mum to arrange our trip to the sea.

travel agency (travel agencies) – туристичне агентство
Travel agencies help to arrange your trip. Travel agencies do all the papers for your trip.

choose (chose, chosen) – вибирати
What book do you want to choose? I chose the blue T-shirt. Travel agencies help you to choose the place to go on holiday.

pack – пакувати
I can’t pack my things well. My mum helps me to pack my personal things. Did you pack your suitcase?

pleasant – приємний
It is always pleasant to watch the photos of some happy moments of your life. We had a pleasant trip by boat.

Why Do People Travel?

Read the text

If you like a change, travelling is the best way to be in different places and meet different people. When you travel, you can see and learn lots of new things.

First, you must arrange your trip. There are many travel agencies which can help you to choose the place and your means of transport. Agencies buy tickets, book hotels and do all the papers for your trip.

When you have tickets for some kind of transport, you are a passenger. Then you have to pack your suitcase. Take some clothes and personal things. Don’t forget a camera to take pictures of some interesting sights of a city or beautiful views of nature. It is always pleasant to watch the photos of some happy moments of your life!

Lots of people enjoy travelling. Travelling is fun!

Choose the best variant to complete the sentence.

1.Travelling is the best way to …

  • meet famous people
  • learn lots of new things
  • visit friends

2. You must … first.

  • ask your teacher
  • choose the means of transport
  • arrange your trip

3. Travel agencies help to …

  • choose the place and transport
  • meet different people
  • learn lots of new things

4. When you have your tickets you are …

  • traveler
  • passenger
  • travel agent

5. When you pack your suitcase …

  • ask the travel agent for help
  • take only warm clothes
  • take some clothes and personal things

6. If you take a camera, you can …

  • enjoy photos after your trip
  • make a present
  • put it into your suitcase

Speak: Travelling Is Fun

  1. Do you agree that the best way to study nature is to travel?
  2. Why do people travel when they are on their holidays?
  3. Who can help to arrange everything for your trip?
  4. What means of transport can you travel by?
  5. What do you have to do before your trip?
  6. Why do people take cameras?
  7. Why do they take photos? 
  8. Do you agree that travelling is fun?