Elementary school Year 4

People travel on business and for pleasure. Let’s learn the words to speak about travelling.


to travel on business – подорожувати у справах
His uncle is very busy, he often travels on business. My dad is a businessman so he often travels on business.

to travel for pleasure – подорожувати для задоволення
Every summer we travel for pleasure to see beautiful places in Ukraine. Do you like to travel on business or for pleasure? Do your relatives travel on business and for pleasure?

to learn new things – дізнаватись нове
When we travel, we learn lots of new things. I like reading because I learn many interesting things from books.

to get to know – дізнатися
We travel to get to know a lot of interesting things about nature, people, countries and cities, traditions and food.

luggage – багаж
Where is your luggage? How much luggage have you got? I’ve got two pieces of luggage.

ticket office – каса
I would like a ticket to London, please. Excuse me, where is the ticket office? We buy tickets at the ticket office. They sell tickets for international trains in this ticket office.

timetable board – розклад
When does the train from London arrive? – Look at the timetable board.

bus station – автовокзал
There are a lot of buses at the bus station. Excuse me, how can I get to the bus station?

airport – аеропорт
There is a big airport in this city.

tram – трамвай
There are lots of trams in Kyiv. There aren’t any trams in this city. You can go there by tram.

underground – метро
The fastest way of travelling in a city is the underground. Trains in the underground are fast. She gets to work by underground.

trolley-bus – тролейбус
There are trolley-buses in Cherkassy. She goes to school by trolley-bus. You can see trolley-buses in the streets of Kyiv.

take a bus (a train, a plane, a trolley-bus, a taxi) – сісти в автобус
You should take a bus to get to Shevchenko Museum. Let’s take a taxi.

catch a bus (a train, a plane, a trolley-bus, a taxi) – сісти в автобус
From this bus station you may catch a bus to New York. We must run to catch a trolley-bus. She catches a taxi to get home. We will catch a plane for Italy.

miss a bus (a train, a plane, a trolley-bus, a taxi) – пропустити автобус
I hope we won’t miss our train. You should arrive at the airport on time not to miss your plane.

journey – подорож
A journey is a long trip. It was an interesting journey. The children are excited to go on a journey. They had a three-day journey to Lviv. Are you going on a journey this week? Our eight-hour journey by train was tiring.

voyage – подорож (кораблем)
A voyage is a journey by sea. You may have a voyage on the river, too. They went on a sea voyage last summer. We had a pleasant voyage by ship.

board – сісти на судно; борт
Sailors help the passengers to board the ship. Were there many passengers on board the ship?

beforehand – заздалегідь
I always buy the tickets beforehand. Don’t forget to buy the tickets beforehand. When you travel by plane you should buy the tickets beforehand.

Read the text At the Airport

Airport is like a little town. It has got its own shops, banks and cafes. It is always busy. There are a lot of people at the airport. Usually passengers buy their tickets at the ticket office beforehand. They may arrive at the airport by taxi or by bus. People choose the plane to travel on business and for pleasure.

If you have a lot of time before your flight you can wait in a comfortable armchair in the waiting hall. Some passengers like to buy souvenirs at the airport shop. Others buy a newspaper or a magazine. If you are hungry you may have a snack at a café. Children like to watch the pilots and mechanics through the big airport window.

When your flight is already announced you have to pass the check-in desk. They weigh your luggage, check your tickets and passports there. If everything is OK you get on the airbus. It takes you to the plane.

 Answer the questions

  1. Where do passengers buy their tickets?
  2. How can you arrive at the airport?
  3. What does the airport look like?
  4. What do people do before their flight?
  5. What do children like doing at the airport?
  6. What do they usually do at the check-in desk?
  7. How can you get to the plane?
  8. What does the airhostess do?

Read the dialogue

– Hi, Nick. What are you reading?

– I’m reading an email from my American uncle.

– Does he live in the USA?

– Yes, he does. He lives in New York. He invites me to visit him.

– Oh, really? How are you going to get there?

– By plane, of course!

– I went by plane to Greece last summer.

– Oh, do you know how I can get to the airport?

– You can take a taxi. Or you can go there by underground. It is cheaper.

– Thank you, Vicky.

Ask and answer as in the example.

  • How can I get to the railway station?
  • You can take a … Or you can catch a …

Use the words: museum, bus station, theatre, airport, centre, seaport, Kyiv, Lviv, Odessa, the USA, Canada, Australia, Italy, Germany, England

Do you like to travel on business and for pleasure?