Informal Letter: Write a letter to your friend about your reading preferences

Dear Sam,
It is sad to hear about your parents’ influence on your reading preferences. If they like classical authors, it does not mean that you must be fond of reading them too. Try to talk and persuade them. They must understand you.

As for me, my parents have never told me what to read or what music to listen to. They always teach me to be independent and make any choice myself.

Speaking about literature I must say that my favourite genre is fantasy, too. I adore reading about events or places which cannot be seen in real life. Reading fantasy gives me enormous portion of ideas and emotions. It inspires me to be creative.

Although there is one little problem. As usual, I borrow books from our school library, but I have already read almost all of them, and nothing interesting is left there. So, I made up my mind to search for something fresh and exciting on the internet. Unfortunately, reading online turned out to be not so useful for my eyes. They get tired quickly.

Maybe you have got some nice books. I would be grateful to you for those you liked most of all and your reasons why.

I am looking forward to your letter.

Best wishes,

Write a letter to a friend about your reading preferences.