Fly High 3 Lesson 25  Can we make a sandcastle?

sandcastle – замок з піску
They can make beautiful sandcastles. Yesterday we made a beautiful sandcastle. Can you make a sandcastle?

armbands – нарукавники
I’ve got my armbands on. The girl swam with her armbands. Did he swim with his armbands?

bucket – відро
We’ve got three buckets. There is a bucket of strawberries in the kitchen. Did you take your bucket?

spade – лопата
We’ve got our buckets and spades and we can make a sandcastle. Where is my spade? What colour is your spade?

sun – сонце
The sun is very hot in summer. You mustn’t sit in the sun. The sun is shining now.

Grammar Time: Modal Verb Can

  • We use can to talk about ability in present: He can rollerblade. She can ride a bike. They can’t skateboard.
  • We use can to ask for something or to ask for permission to do something: Can I have an orange, please? Can we go to the beach?
  • Modal verb can always stays the same. We don’t add – s to can for he/she/it: He can play tennis. She can swim. It can jump very high. 
  • We use an ifinitive without to after can: I can speak English. I can’t speak German. 
  • We don’t form questions with do/does with can: Can you dance? Can he ride a horse? What can you do? Can you eat at the lesson?

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