School I Attend

I’d like to share some information about my school.

One of the most important periods of our life is the period of studying at school. It’s actually a whole epoch for schoolchildren: they get major knowledge about outside world, obtain certain skills and get the experience of living in the society. It’s here, at school we learn to behave according to the situation and to cope with difficulties.

In Ukraine children start school at the age of six and finish it at the age of seventeen. The school begins on the first of September known as the Day of Knowledge and finishes in May. The school year is divided into two semesters. There are four breaks during the school year called autumn, winter, spring and summer holidays.

I’m a student of the … form and I study at school number … . It is situated in the picturesque place in the centre of our district close to my home. It takes me only up to ten minutes to get there. Like most other pupils I go to school five days a week and spend at least seven hours there. I say “at least” because I come to school not only for my classes, but also for my out-of-class activities. The classes start at 8. 30 a. m. and last till 3 p. m.

My school is a modern building of a typical design. It has got three floors. On the ground floor there is a canteen and a library. The school canteen is very popular with the pupils. During the breaks we come to have a bite to our school canteen. The library is well-stocked with textbooks, feature books, encyclopedias, atlases and reference literature. We borrow books from the library and often work in its reading-room.

Our classrooms are on the first and second floors. Most of the classrooms are very much alike. They are all light, spacious, with flowerpots on the window-sills, with portraits of outstanding people, posters of Ukrainian symbols on the walls, with charts, diagrams and maps near the blackboard. On the ground floor there is a headmaster’s office and a staff room.

We have Chemistry and Physics laboratories which are specially equipped for scientific tests and experiments. In the computer classroom we learn how to operate a computer and become computer-literate, use the Internet to search for new information, make electronic projects. Specialized rooms are used to study Mathematics, Biology, History, Ukrainian, Geography, foreign languages and other subjects. These rooms are equipped with corresponding teaching materials, facilities and devices (projectors, computers, TV sets, interactive whiteboards, grammar tables, pictures, maps, charts).

Our Assembly hall is on the first floor. Most of our after-class activities (concerts, parties, meetings, performances and disputes) are held there.

Our classes of PE (Physical Education) and all sorts of sports competitions we have either in our gymnasium or in the fine weather, on the stadium behind the school building. Pupils have lessons of Handicrafts in workshops, having practice in different crafts: cookery, needlework, metal-work, woodwork.

My school is surrounded by the park where different trees, bushes, and flowers grow.

When I leave school I’ll remember my school friends and teachers with gratitude.

My School. Questions for discussion

  1. What kind of school do you go to?
  2. Is the period of studying at school important to you? Why?
  3. How many floors are there in your school?
  4. What is there on the ground (first, second) floor?
  5. Are there any specialized rooms in your school?
  6. Is your school well or poorly equipped?
  7. Is the quality of teaching high?
  8. Do you have any problems with discipline in your class?
  9. Do you of your calssmates play truant?
  10. How many lessons a day do you have?
  11. Do you spend much time on your homework?
  12. What is your favourite subject?
  13. Are there any subjects you are bad at?
  14. Are you taught computer skills?
  15. What subjects do you think should be studied at school?
  16. Do you take part in any after class activities?
  17. How do you get along with your classmates?
  18. Where do you have your physical training classes?
  19. Which subjects do you spend more time on?
  20. What foreign languages are taught in your school?
  21. What languages would you like to master?
  22. What kinds of sports do pupils go in for?