Fly High 3 Lesson 24 Did You Drink Your Milk?

Grammar: Questions in Past Simple

Vocabulary Fly High 3 Lesson 24

flippers –  листа
We’ve got our flippers.

sun cream – сонцезахисний крем
Have you got any sun cream?

phone – телефон, телефонувати
Did you phone your friends?

have breakfast – снідати
Did you have your breakfast?

go to bed early – лягати спати рано
Did you go to bed early last night?

swim (swam, swum) – плавати
I swim in the sea every summer. Did you swim in the sea?

crab – краб
This is a big crab. I saw a beautiful crab on the beach. Did you see a crab?

strawberry ice cream – полуничне морозиво
Did you eat a strawberry ice cream? Yes, I did. I love strawberry ice cream.

There they are! – Ось вони!

Come on, let’s go! – Давайте, поїхали!

Make these sentences Yes/No questions (Did … V1…?)

Revise irregular verbs

  1. They had a wonderful time on the beach.
  2. Yesterday we went to the zoo.
  3. We saw an elephant in the zoo.
  4. My friend watched an interesting film last week.
  5. We drank apple juice.
  6. We ate lots of sandwiches.
  7. They bought some new clothes.
  8. I helped my mum last night.
  9. They came to school in time.
  10. He did his homework in the evening.
  11. They climbed the mountain last Friday.
  12. I wrote a postcard to my friend.
  13. He took some photos.
  14. My grandpa listened to the radio in the evening.
  15. Dad read the newspaper in the morning.
  16. My granny worked in the garden last Thursday.
  17. My mum gave us some sandwiches.
  18. I laughed with my friends yesterday.
  19. We went to the park last weekend.
  20. They bought a new car last month.