Let’s learn to tell about seasons and months of the year.

Year 2 Elementary school

Hi, I’m Karina and I love all seasons and months of the year because all of them are beautiful. Let’s speak about the seasons with me!

Winter, spring, summer and autumn are four seasons.

Summer is a hot season. We can swim in summer.

In autumn it is raining. It is not hot in autumn. The trees are yellow, brown and red.

Winter is a cold season. It is snowing in winter. Children can make a snowman.

I like spring. The trees are green in spring. I can see birds in the trees. They sing songs. It is sunny. Children are happy. Spring is a nice season.

And now answer my questions, please!

  1. How many seasons does a year have ?
  2. What are the names of the seasons?
  3. Is it cold in winter?
  4. Do you like to play in the snow?
  5. Can you make a snowman?
  6. Is it hot in summer?
  7. Can you swim?
  8. Is it warm in spring?
  9. What do birds do in spring?
  10. Are children happy in spring?
  11. Does it rain in autumn?
  12. What colour are the trees in autumn?
  13. What are spring months?
  14. Do you know the names of summer months?
  15. What are autumn months?
  16. What are winter months?
  17. When is your birthday?
  18. Do you like all seasons?
  19. What is your favourite season?

Let’s sing along to remember the names of the months better!