What do you know about the capital of Ukraine?

Elementary school: learn to speak about Kyiv

Hi, I’m Vlad and I’ve learnt to speak about Kyiv Ukraine capital city in English.

Kyiv is the capital of Ukraine. There is a river in Kyiv. It’s called the Dnieper. There are some bridges over the Dnieper. The Paton Bridge is one of the most famous bridges.

Kiyv is green. There are many parks in city. The biggest one is called Hydro Park. There are different attractions there.

Kyiv is old and beautiful. You can go down Andryivsky  Uzviz or Volodymyrska Hirka. There are lot of churches and cathedrals in Kyiv. You can visit museums and theatres and cinemas.

Kyiv underground is called metro. It is a very busy place. You can see hundreds and thousands of people there.

The main street of the city is called Khreshchatyk. People like walking along this street and enjoy sitting near the fountains.

There are lots of shops, malls, markets, banks, cafes and restaurants in Kyiv, too.

Lots of people visit Kyiv Ukraine capital city every day.

Answer the questions about Kyiv Ukraine Capital City

  1. What’s the capital of Ukraine?
  2. Is there a river in the city? How is it called?
  3. Are there any fampus bridges over the river? Do you know their names?
  4. Are there any cathedrals?
  5. Are there museums and galleries?
  6. Are there theatres and cinemas?
  7. What is the name of the main Kyiv street?
  8. Are there any parks? What is the biggest park called?
  9. What are the busy places in the city?
  10. What are your favourite attractions in Kyiv?