Have practice in writing about problems of public transport.

Imagine you are preparing a report for a conference concerning problems of public transport in your town. In your text:

  • write about what transport is available in your place;
  • mention the most common problems of it;
  • suggest some possible solutions.

I live in Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine. It has a developed transport system. Different means of public transport are available.  You can easily get wherever you want and public transport is often cheaper than driving your own car! Means of transport used by the public operate at regular times on fixed routes. For sure, the fastest way of traveling in the city is the underground. The only problem that it doesn’t cover the whole city. You can also go by buses, trolleybuses, trams and funicular. If you want to reach the place of destination without any problems and in a short period of time you can order a taxi by telephone. But bear in mind that it can be rather expensive. 

There are some transport problems in our city and I would like to mention the most common ones. First of all, subway trains and cars can get very crowded especially in rush hours. Secondly, the traffic in the city is very heavy, especially during the day time. traffic jams and traffic congestion are usual on the roads of Kyiv and are very annoying. The third problem is commuting when people have to spend hours going to work and back home. One more problem is that there are not enough parking lots and people have parking difficulties especially downtown Kyiv. The safety in the streets of Kyiv is not good and as a result car accidents are rather often. Too much traffic produces harmful gases which influence the ecological situation in our city where the air gets too polluted and even dangerous to breathe. And the last but not the least problem is traffic noise.

I’d like to make suggestion how to solve these problems. It would be great to develop subway system and build more underground lines. One more solution is to promote the use of electric cars which are cleaner and more environmentally friendly. It would be great to reduce the number of cars on the streets promoting the use of public transport. Cycling infrastructure in Kyiv is not developed that’s why I suggest building cycling paths. Cycling will make the air of the city cleaner. I hope in future Kyiv will be green and eco friendly city with flying cars.