My Street

Elementary School

Hello, my name is Vlad. Today I’ll tell you about the street I live in. It’s called Geroiv Nebesnoi Sotni (Heavenly Hundred Heroes Street)  and it is one the central streets in my home town. The street is long and stretches between two central squares of our town: Soborna Square and Shevchenko Square. 

The street starts in Soborna Square on the hill. There is a very beautiful park there. It is called the Park of Glory. There is a monument to a mother and a child there. I like walking in the park with my parents and friends. In the park you can see many birds and some animals, like squirrels and hedgehogs. The other day I saw a little fox which had stolen a chicken from someone and was carrying it to the bushes.

The view from the park  on Kaniv sea is amazing. There is a beautiful old church in the park. It is Uspensky Cathedral. There is a museum in front of the cathedral. You can see many interesting works of art there. On the other side of the park there is Gaidar library-museum. I borrow books there. School #2 is opposite the park. Two of my friends study there.

If you go down my street, you will see some old buildings. There is a department store, restaurant “Roden” and a a big building of a post office on the left side of the street. The museum of Kaniv history and a small restaurant and hotel “Old Kaniv” are on the right side of the street. There is also a cinema, which is the place where different concerts, meetings and performances are held. Once a year the boys of our judo club perform there on the stage. I take part in the performance too. The international film festival KanivFest is held at the cinema.

There is a bank opposite the cinema. It is usually a very busy place. There are also some small shops in our street.

The street I live in is beautiful and green because there are a lot of trees in it. I think  my street is great!