Imagine you’re writing an article to the school newspaper about a person you admire. In your text:

  • write who this person is;

  • write why you admire him / her;

  • write in what way you want to resemble him / her.

Write a text of at least 100 words.

The Person I Admire

My family is rather small. We are five: mum, dad, grandma, my elder brother and me. I also have got some relatives on the sides of my parents: aunts, uncles, cousins and nieces. I’d like to tell you some words about the person I admire. This is my father Oleg . I admire him and would like to resemble him.

The first thing I’d like to mention about my father is that he is a man in his middle fifties. He isn’t tall, dark-haired and grey-eyed.

He is not a very optimistic person but I always try, whatever the situation is, to cheer him up and make him smile.

My father is very helpful. He is always ready to support people in different situations and give them some useful pieces of advice how to solve a problem, or how to act under different circumstances.

Dad is very persistent and hard-working, when he does something he always tries to do it somehow unusual not to be the same as other people.

My father is a businessman. He has been running his business for almost twenty years. It is connected with toiletry and cosmetics. Dad is always tolerant, polite and tactful with employees and customers.

My father’s hobbies are diving and boating. But I should say that nowadays due to his busy schedule he has no time to do them. 

I wish I could be the same person as my father is. I’d like to have at least the most positive features of character he possesses.