Prepare for an English Exam

Do Exam Year 9 Card 1


Read the text and decide if the statements are true (T) or false (F).


If you go sightseeing in the south of England, you must not miss one of the most beautiful medieval castles ever built – Bodiam Castle. Bodiam is everyone’s fairytale castle. Although time and man’s hand have ruined the inside, its outer walls and towers stand as they did when completed in 1388. Like many medieval castles, Bodiam was both the fortress and the residence of a lord – in this case Sir Edward Dalyngrigge, a knight.

Sir Edward’s castle was designed in the most up-to-date style. Its layout was simple but effective. It had a rectangular shape and there was a tower at each of the four corners. It was surrounded by a moat, a deep pool filled with water protecting the castle from attackers. The trees around the moat had to be cut up to avoid giving cover to an attacker. The only way leading inside the castle was through a wooden bridge over the moat.

Bodiam Castle looked splendid. Its size was impressive. It was probably one of the largest buildings in Sussex in the late fourteenth century. Perhaps as many as one thousand men worked on its construction and they came from all over England. They designed and built Bodiam’s rooms, halls, chapels and many kitchens which are now open to the public.

Bodiam was home to many residents over the years. Although built for war, life there was usually peaceful because Bodiam was never attacked. It was captured twice without resistance, in both cases by other Englishmen. In 1916, it was purchased by Lord Curzon, who took good care of its ruins, carrying out the most necessary repairs. In 1925, he asked the National Trust to look after the castle and its beautiful countryside.

  1. Bodiam Cadtle was built in the late fourteenth century. ___
  2. Bodiam Castle’s first owner was a knight. ___
  3. There was water around the castle. ___
  4. There was one large kitchen in the castle. ___
  5. Although the castle was a lord’s residence, it was never peaceful. ___
  6. Lord Curzon gave Bodiam Castle to the National Trust. ___


Task 1. Underline the correct item to complete the sentences.

  1. The teacher told me to clean me / my shoes.
  2. The policeman told we / us not to make so much noise.
  3. Passengers are advised to look after our / their baggage.
  4. Mr. Phipps told them / they not to be late.
  5. Mary’s mother told she / her not to cut her hair.

Task 2. At your school you are organizing a lecture with a famous climber, who has climbed ‘Realization’ in France – the hardest route in the world. Write a note about the lecture. Include this information:

  • who is giving the lecture;
  • where and when the lecture will be;
  • the subject of the lecture;
  • events after the lecture (photo signing).

Write 35 – 45 words on your answer sheet.


Talk about a friend / relative (mum, dad, grandma, grandpa) / classmate. Include this information:

  • name, age, hometown and brief information about them;
  • their hobbies and interests;
  • the personality of people they like/ dislike.