Develop your speaking and writing skills

Do Speaking Writing Test 10 Year 7


Speak about London. Say what you have learned about:

  • the city’s location
  • the river it stands on
  • its history
  • the city’s landmarks
  • its famous people
  • the sights you would like to visit and why.


Task 1. Choose the correct variant.

1. There’s ________ bread on the table.

a. many
b. a few
c. some
d. a little

2. How ________ lemons are there in the bag?

a. much
b. few
c. many
d. more

3. Do you need ________ help with your homework?

a. a
b. a few
c. no
d. any

4.  There’s ________ milk left in the cup.
a. few
b. a little
c. a few
d. many

5. Mark went to the zoo last Sunday. – ______________________

a. So does Frank.
b. Neither did Frank.
c. So did Frank.
d. As do Frank.

6. Mike can’t skate well. – ______________________

a. Neither can Dan.
b. So can Nataly.
c. Neither could Carol.
d. So could Nataly.

7. She likes _________ horrors _________ thrillers, because her favourite kinds of films are comedies and love stories.

a. and … and
b. neither … nor
c. either … or
d. or … or

8. They could __________ swim __________ sunbathe all day long because the weather was fine and sunny.

a. nor … or
b. either … or
c. neither … nor
d. as … as

Task 2 a. Put the verbs in brackets into the Present Perfect Continuous Tense.

  1. I ______________________ (not to work) in the garden for half an hour.
  2. Johnny looks tired. He ___________________ (to drive) the car for five hours.

b. Complete the questions with the correct question tags.

  1. She isn’t happy, _________________ ?
  2. Dogs don’t eat fish, _______________?

3. Rewrite the given sentences in the Passive Voice.

  1. He often checks the battery in the car. ______________________________________________
  2. They planted twenty bushes._____________________________________________________
  3. The man drives this car.________________________________________________________
  4. My parents bought me a new mobile phone for my successful studying.________________________

Task 4. Write down your recommendations on what you should do if you catch a cold. Give some information about: