Develop your speaking and writing skills

Do Speaking Writing Test 8 Year 7


You are going to visit London during your summer holidays. Tell about your plans. Give some information about:

  • why you’re going to London
  • where you want to go
  • what sights you want to see
  • where you would like to live
  • what souvenirs you will take to your host family
  • how long you’re planning to stay there.


Task 1 . Choose the correct variant.

1. She is eating ________ orange.

a. a
b. an
c. some
d. any

2. We haven’t got ________ flour to make a cake.

a. a
b. some
c. no
d. any

3. I need ________  information about planes to London.

a. an
b. some
c. little
d. few

4. There’s ________ tea left in the cup.

a. few
b. a little
c. a few
d. many

5. Tom is very kind. -_____________

a. Neither does Kate.
b. So did Kate.
c. So is Kate.
d. As did Kate.

6. The boys didn’t play football in the yard. – _____________

a. So did the girls.
b. Neither do the girls.
c. Neither did the girls.
d. As didn’t the girls.

7. ________ Nora ________ Helen can meet her at the station. They both have their day off.

a. As … as
b. Neither … nor
c. Either … or
d. Or … or

8. ________ Steve ________ Taras watched that film on TV yesterday. They were playing football.

a. Neither … nor
b. Either … or
c. And … and
d. So … as

Task 2. a. Put the verbs in brackets into the Present Perfect Continuous Tense.

  1. She ______________________ (to live) in this flat for half a year.
  2. They ______________________(to help) their mum since five o’clock.

b. Complete the questions with the correct question tags.

  1. You didn’t eat my ice cream, __________ ?
  2. He will need different colours to paint this picture, __________ ?

Task 3. Rewrite the given sentences in the Passive Voice.

  1. I broke my arm yesterday._________________________________________________
  2. The woman cooked spaghetti. ______________________________________________
  3. They teach French at school. _______________________________________________
  4. She eats chocolate when she’s upset. __________________________________________

Task 4. Write what food you usually prefer and why. Give some information about:

  • food you like/dislike
  • your favourite dish
  • what you can cook yourself
  • where you prefer to buy food, explain your choice.

Was Speaking Writing Test 8 Year 7 difficult? I hope you enjoyed doing the tasks.