Develop your speaking and writing skills

Do Speaking Writing Test 7 Year 7


Look at the advertisement below and say what activities are offered by the Sports Centre. Would you like to go to a sports centre like this? Why/Why not?

A very special sports centre
Unique location
three basic sports:
• The largest climbing wall
• 6 all-weather football pitches
• 8 indoor tennis courts
• 4 outdoor tennis courts
• Fitness facilities
• A café
• Car parking available


Task 1 . Choose the correct variant.

1. I saw _______ nice trousers in a shop yesterday.

a. some
b. a
c. much
d. an

2. It’s _______ old book I found.

a. a
b. some
c. an
d. any

3. There were too _______  people in the street.

a. lots
b. a few
c. a lot of
d. many

4. That’s not enough! We have only _______ oranges.

a . little
b. few
c. many
d. much

5. Susan is always ready to help people. – _______

a. Neither is Nick.
b. So is Nick.
c. So isn’t Nick.
d. As do Nick.

6. I can’t understand this rule. – _______

a. So can he.
b. Neither can she.
c. Neither will she.
d. As can’t she.

7. When I go to the café, I eat _______ fruit salad _______ ice cream. These are my favourite desserts.

a. either … or
b. so … as
c. neither … nor
d. as … as

8. You can visit _______  your friend _______ telephone him. He is not in Ukraine at the moment.

a. and … and
b. neither … nor
c. either … or
d. or … or

Task 2. a. Put the verbs in brackets into the Present Perfect Continuous Tense.

  1. Let me have a rest. I _____________________(to dig) in the garden all day long.
  2. Mrs Brown _____________________ (to sweep) in the yard since early morning.

b. Complete the questions with the correct question tags.

1. Helen has watched many English films on TV, __________?
2. It is interesting to watch them playing volleyball, __________?

Task 3. Rewrite the given sentences in the Passive Voice.

  1. Tim cleans his room twice a week.
  2. Sam took some photographs.
  3. Frank forgot his umbrella.
  4. I buy food and other things in the supermarket.

Task 4. Imagine that you have been to London during your holidays. You had a chance to visit many interesting places. Choose one and write about this place. Give some information about:

  • its location;
  • its interesting things;
  • its history;
  • what attracted you most of all.

I hope Speaking Writing Test 7 Year 7 wasn’t difficult.