My Pet 

Do you have a pet? If you don’t have one, tell about a pet you would like to have.

I’m Karina and I love animals very much but I don’t have a pet.

I want to have a cat because cats are so beautiful and fluffy.

I’d like to have a pussy cat. I will give her a name Snowflake.

Snowflake has got lovely white fur. Her nose is small and grey. She’s got two small grey ears and beautiful big blue eyes.

Snowflake has got four white legs, four grey paws and a long fluffy tail.

She can run, jump, climb trees and play with me. She can’t swim and she doesn’t like water.

She likes sleeping with me on my bed.

My cat is clever and playful.

I always feed my cat. I give her fish, milk and special food for cats.

I walk with Snowflake in the park.

I hope some day I will have a cat and my dream will come true.