My Street

Hi! I live in Kaniv. I live in Geroiv Dnipra Street. My street is rather long and lovely. There are many blocks of flats in my street and I live in one of them. There are nine floors in our house and it looks like a tower.

I like my street because it starts in the centre of our town. Down the street there is a big supermarket, a beautiful fountain and a square. There is a bus station opposite the square. At Christmas there is a big Christmas tree in this square. In spring and in summer we can watch concerts in the square and near the fountain.

There is a big park near the river Dnipro on the left side of my street. The park and the beach are opposite my house.  My parents and I often go for a walk there. I also ride my bike, rollerblade, ride a scooter and play in the playground in the park. I buy ice cream and cold drinks in summer there.

There is a school, a kindergarten and a sports ground behind my house. Opposite my house there is a post office. My parents get parcels there. There is also a dentist’s office. 

There are many small shops in our street: the grocer’s, the greengrocer’s, the butcher’s, the fishmonger’s, the confectionery, the chemist’s, the bakery, clothes shops, cosmetics and toiletries, the hairdresser’s and DIY shop (do it yourself). 

We always buy fruit at the greengrocer’s. I love buying fruit cupcakes at the bakery. 

My house is between the two bus stops. It is very convenient but I do not often take the bus.

There are many trees and flowers in my street. I think that my street is the best in my hometown!!!