British Population is Multicultural

The UK is a multinational and multicultural society with a rich and varied culture.

Read and speak about British population

The UK population is ethnically diverse and changing rapidly, especially in large cities such as London. It is not always easy to get an exact picture of the ethnic origin of all the population.

There are people in the UK with ethnic origins from all over the world. In surveys, the most common ethnic description chosen is white, which includes people of European, Australian, Canadian, New Zealand and American descent. Other significant groups are those of Asian, black and mixed descent.

Women in the UK

Within the UK, it is a legal requirement that men and women should not be discriminated against because of their gender or because they are, or they are not, married. They have equal rights to work, own property, marry and divorce. If they are married both parents are equally responsible for their children.

Women in Britain today make up about half of the workforce. On average, girls leave school with better qualification than boys. More women than men study at university. Employment opportunities for women are greater than they were in the past. Women work in all sectors of the economy.

Check whether you know these words:

ethnically diverse – етнічно різноманітні
rapidly – стрімко
an exact picture – точна картина
ethnic origin – етнічнe походження
survey – опитування
include – включати
people of European descent – люди європейського походження
significant groups – значні групи
a legal requirement – законна вимога
be discriminated against – піддаватись дискримінації
gender – стать
have equal rights – мати рівні права
to own property – володіти майном
to divorce – розлучитися
are equally responsible for – однаково відповідають за
workforce – робоча сила
on average – в середньому
qualification – кваліфікація
employment opportunities – можливості працевлаштування