My Hobby

Elementary School

What are your hobbies?
Can you play any musical instrument?

My Guitar, My Musical Instrument

Hi! My name is Liliya and one of my hobbies is playing the guitar. I want to tell about my musical instrument.

I  have been playing the guitar for two years. I attend music classes in the music school in our town.

My guitar is very beautiful. It is dark red and it’s edges are dark brown. There are three thin strings and three thick strings. Each string sounds special. I keep my guitar in the left hand corner of my room.

I can play different music compositions, such as “The Tennis Ball”, Spanish folk dance “Cachucha”, a waltz. Now I am learning the composition “Chestnuts of Kyiv“.

I like playing slow music forms but I can play fast compositions very well too. Every evening I have practice and my parents applaud me. I enjoy it so much!!! My cat really likes everything I play. For sure my cat Luna is my devoted music fan.

Once a year I take an exam in the music school. Hope this year I will get a good mark too.  My parents and my teacher say that I am talented. I have a lot of fun playing the guitar!!!