Fly High 3 Sally’s Story Amazing World

Fly High 3 Amazing World Vocabulary

Let’s learn the new words together and revise numerals and superlatives.

amazing – дивовижний
Our world is amazing.

giant – велетень
This man was a giant.

millimetre – міліметр
centimetre – сантиметр
metre – метр
kilometre – кілометр

twenty – 20
I’ve got twenty-five books.

thirty – 30
There are thirty-two pupils in our class.

forty – 40
His dad is forty-three.

fifty – 50
My granny is fifty-four.

sixty – 60
There are sixty-five houses in this street.

seventy – 70
Her grandfather is seventy-two.

eighty – 80
The cheetah is 80 centimetres tall.

ninety – 90
The biggest flower is 91 centimetres across.

one hundred – 100
The cheetah can run 100 kilometres an hour.

across – упоперек, завширшки
Lake Baikal is 630 kilometres long and 48 kilometres across.

hummingbird – колібрі
Hummingbirds are the smallest birds in the world.

diver – нирець
He was a diver.

ever – коли-небудь
to win – перемагати
a gold medal – золота медаль
She was the youngest person ever to win a gold medal in the summer Olympics.

cheetah – гепард
The cheetah is the fastest animal in the world.

Lake Baikal – озеро Байкал
Lake Baikal is the oldest lake in the world.

Russia – Росія
Lake Baikal is in Russia.

clear – прозорий, чистий
Lake Baikal is one of the clearest lakes in the world.

busy – зайнятий
On Saturday I was very busy.

The Fly High Review 5

killer whales – кити-вбивці
Killer whales are big dolphins.

per our – на годину
Killer whales can swim at 55 kilometres per hour.

loud – голосний, гучний
noisy – крикливий
Whales are the loudest and the noisiest animals in the world.

journey – подорож
Whales make the longest journeys.

the Pacific Ocean – Тихий океан
the Atlantic Ocean – Атлантичний океан
Some whales swim from the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic ocean every year.

aquarium – акваріум / океанаріум
I was at the aquarium with my friends.

shark – акула
The sharks were very big.

scared – наляканий
We were scared.

sunny – сонячний
It was sunny yesterday.

rainy – дощовий
It was rainy on Sunday.

cloudy – хмарний
It is cloudy today.

windy – вітряний
It was cloudy on Friday.

I’m sure Fly High 3 Amazing World was interesting and very useful and you learnt many amazing facts about our world.