There Weren’t Any Chocolates

Learn new vocabulary and grammar with Fly High 3 Unit 20 There Weren’t Any Chocolates

Revise some/anyVocabulary List

bandage – бинт, перев’язувати
She has a bandage on her hand.

sorry – засмучений, жалкуючий

be sorry – жалкувати

I am sorry. – Вибачте!

We are sorry. She is sorry. He is sorry. They are sorry. You are sorry.

was not = wasn’t – не був / не була
were not = weren’t – не були
There wasn’t any bread on the table. There weren’t any chocolates in the cupboard.

a grape, grapes – виноград
We’ve got some grapes.

ambulance – швидка допомога
Was there an ambulance?

know – знати
I don’t know.

yesterday – вчора
My bike was OK yesterday.

cloud – хмара
sky – небо
There are some clouds in the sky. There weren’t any clouds in the sky.

slide – горка
There was a girl on the slide.

climbing frame – споруда (каркас) для лазіння
There were two boys on the climbing frame.

brave – хоробрий, сміливий
Were you brave? Yes, I was.

Fly High 3 Lesson 20 There Weren’t Any Chocolates

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