My Room

Elementary school Year 4

Describe your room, please.

Hi, I’m Nastia and today I’d like to describe my room.

My room isn’t big but very comfortable. I share the room with my elder sister. We get on well with her but sometimes we argue.

There are two windows in my room so it’s light and filled with sunshine. There are blinds on the windows. There are ten orchids on the window sill. My mum takes care of them and I sometimes water them.

The walls in my room are beige, purplish and brownish. There is a comfortable brown bunk bed on the right. I sleep on the upper bed and my sister on the lower one. I don’t mind climbing the ladder and feel fine sleeping on the upper bed.

There is a desk in front of the bunk bed. There is a bookshelf above the desk with our books, textbooks and some school supplies. There is a computer on the desk. Sometimes we bring a laptop and put it on the desk when we have online classes.

There is a chest of drawers next to the desk. We keep our clothes there. The fitted wardrobe with a big mirror is near the door. There is a brown and white carpet on the floor.

I think that my room is cozy. I do my homework, play with my toys and my hamster Freddy here.

My sister and I keep our room in order and clean it together. We vacuum the floor and the carpet, wash the floor and dust the furniture.

I like our room because it is beautiful and well-designed.

I am sure that your home is where your heart is.