Describe your room, will you?

My Own Room

Hi! My name is Liliya . You are welcome to my own room! My room is big. It is light, cozy and bright.

When you enter my room you will see a gymnastic wall to the right of the door. I exercise on it every day. To the left of the door there is a  wardrobe. Near the wardrobe there is my little white board for practising writing. Next to the wardrobe there is my bed. The desk is in front of the bed. There is a chair next to the desk. You can see a computer, a lamp and lots of school supplies on the desk. There is a bookshelf with my books above the desk.

In the left hand corner of my room there is a guitar. I learn playing this musical instrument. I want to play the guitar very well, so I attend music classes.

There is a very beautiful picture on the wall above the bed. You can see some pigeons in it. The window is in front of the door. There are some flowerpots on the window sill. My mum and I take care of them.

The wallpaper in my room has got very nice yellow, blue and light green flowers. There is a carpet on the floor. I love it because it is green and is like the grass.  My toys are in the box near the desk and in the wardrobe.

My room is very warm and lit with sunshine from morning till dinnertime. I love my room very much!!! There I play with my friends, with my cat Luna, do my homework, do gymnastic exercises, dream, relax and have fun.

I am very happy to have my own room!!!