What is your favourite toy?

Elementary school Year 2

Describe your favourite toy.

My name is Karina and I like toys: dolls, balls, a teddy bear. 

I have a doll. My doll’s name is LOL.

My doll has got a nice face. She has very big green eyes, short red hair, small ears, a small nose and pink lips.

She is not tall. She’s got two legs, two feet, two arms and two hands.

She has got purple shorts and a pink T-shirt and white shoes on.

My doll has got eight friends. She’s got a house where her friends and I come to visit her.  We run, jump, dance and sing together. 

She has a lot of  clothes. She has got dresses, skirts, blouses, shorts, trousers and shoes.

LOL can run, jump, skip, dance, sing, and bend.

She is very pretty.  I love playing with her.