Let’s Speak about Summer Rest

People enjoy summer rest and look forward to summer vacation.

Check whether you know these Summer Rest words. Use them in the sentences of your own.

go on vacation – їздити у відпустку
Summer is the time when grown-ups usually go on their vacations.

to have a rest – відпочивати
In summer many people have a rest from their jobs.

explore – досліджувати
There are people who explore far away countries.

experience – досвід, дізнатися з досвіду
Many people like to experience exciting journeys.

travel agency – туристичне агентство
Travel agencies give leaflets with their programmes about the trips.

to make a choice – робити вибір
Travel agencies help to make a good choice.

outdoor activities – види розваг на свіжому повітрі
Some people like outdoor activities and go on camping.

impression – враження
What’s your impression of the trip?

share impressions – ділитися враженнями
When the holidays are over people share their impressions with friends.

prefer – віддавати перевагу
What way of spending summer do you prefer?

display souvenirs – показувати сувеніри
People display souvenirs they have bought.

go hiking – ходити в похід
Last holidays I went hiking with my friends.

rucksack / backpack – рюкзак
We took rucksacks.

rock climbing – лазіння по скелях
Some people like rock climbing.

seaside holidays – канікули на морі (морському узбережжі)
She likes seaside holidays.

go cycling – їздити на велосипеді
He prefers country holidays where he can go cycling or go for long walks.

mountain biking – їздити в гори на велосипеді
My friends enjoy mountain biking.

go scuba diving – займатися підводним плаванням
We went scuba diving.

underwater photography – підводне фотографування
His hobby is underwater photography.

Speak about Summer Rest

  1. Summer is a happy time not only for schoolchildren.
  2. It is the time when grown-ups usually go on their vacation and have a rest from their jobs.
  3. People spend their summer holiday in different ways.
  4. Some people like outdoor activities and go on camping living in tents, others enjoy comfort in hotels.
  5. Some people prefer being just at a calm place watching the nature around.
  6. People like to explore far away countries.
  7. Who doesn’t like to experience exciting journeys?
  8. Travel agencies give leaflets with their programmes about the trips.
  9. There are magazines for travelers with interesting and useful information.
  10. We can learn about the place, its history and lifestyle of its people from the articles.
  11. Articles in such magazines give us the idea about the places of interest we should visit, about the prices of food and clothing and many other things.
  12. Everyone can make his or her own choice and enjoy the tour.
  13. We like to come back to our homes when the holidays are over.
  14. We like meeting our friends and sharing our impressions.
  15. We usually show photos, which we have taken, and display souvenirs, which we have bought.
  16. When summer is over, work begins.
  17.  We believe that there will be another chance to have a wonderful summer rest next year.

Answer the questions

  1. In what ways do people spend their summer vacation?
  2. Does everyone like outdoor activities and living in tents?
  3. Who helps to get useful information about where to go in summer?
  4. What ideas do magazines for travelers give us?
  5. What do people usually do when they come back home?
  6. What way of spending summer does your family prefer?
  7. What kind of holidays are you dreaming about?
  8. When do schoolchildren have their summer holidays?
  9. What is the weather like in summer?
  10. What can the children do when the weather is fine?
  11. What can the children do if the weather is rainy and nasty?

Make up the sentences of your own.

I’ll go swimming. What about you? – I think I’ll …

  • go rock climbing
  • go mountain biking
  • go hiking
  • do underwater photos
  • go for a long walk
  • travel to the mountains
  • go scuba diving
  • go cycling
  • make a campfire
  • go to the forest
  • visit places of interest

What can you do in summer?

In summer we can …

  • be outdoors all day
  • go to the seaside
  • go to the beach
  • lie on the beach /sunbathe
  • spend time in the peaceful countryside / in remote places
  • play beach volleyball
  • go to the mountains
  • go hiking / camping
  • go abseiling
  • spend time with friends / hang out with friends
  • go to the forest
  • go to the park
  • spend time at the river or lake
  • stay at home and relax
  • read books
  • listen to music
  • watch TV
  • surf the internet
  • take atmospheric photos / make videos
  • visit social networking sites
  • play computer games
  • do pokerwork
  • do needlework
  • play the piano (the guitar, the violin)
  • make models of planes, ships and kites
  • enjoy rollerblading
  • enjoy skateboarding
  • draw / paint pictures
  • go fishing
  • go swimming
  • go boating
  • go on a boat trip
  • hire a kayak (a boat) and enjoy kayaking (boating/rowing)
  • play football, tennis, badminton and other sport games
  • play board games / cards
  • ride a bike / a mountain bike
  • ride a scooter
  • visit tourist attractions (castle, cathedral, church, mosque, aquarium, zoo, museum, art gallery, wildlife park, ruins)
  • go on an excursion to touristy places
  • go sightseeing / on a sightseeing tour
  • go shopping
  • visit shopping districts
  • buy souvenirs
  • attend language courses and learn languages
  • travel
  • have a part-time job
  • do volunteer work
  • eat out and try new food

Speaking about your summer activities you may start your sentences as in the example:

  • I like scuba diving.
  • I enjoy taking fascinating undewater photos.
  • I adore skateboarding.
  • I‘m keen on surfing the internet.
  • I‘m interested in web design.
  • I‘m fond of visiting impressive castles, beautiful palaces and ancient ruins.
  • I love going a bargain shopping and buying souvenirs.
  • I prefer relaxing on the beach.
  • I‘m crazy about kayaking.
  • I don’t mind visiting historical museums.
  • I‘m into playing volleyball.
  • I really like playing the guitar.
  • I love taking photos of spectacular mountain scenery.
  • I‘m happy when I’m watching a thrilling film.
  • I feel excited when I’m going whitewater rafting.