Pros and Cons of City Life

There are some advantages and disadvantages of urban life. I’d like to start with the advantages of urban life. 

Firstly, the developed public transport. You can easily get wherever you want using underground and buses. And it is cheaper than driving your own car! You know that sometimes subway trains and cars can get very crowded especially in rush hours, but trams go much faster than cars anyway during the busy day in the city. 

Secondly, access to cultural events. Usually, there are a number of cinemas and theatres, art galleries and museums, concert halls and exhibitions in every big city, so you have a much better choice as far as entertainment is concerned.

Thirdly, shoppig opportunities are great. There are a few shopping malls in every city so you can buy just about everything you need in one place. There are also smaller specialised  shops which sell things for professionals.

Moreover, education and employment opportunities are good. There is a great variety of schools, vocational schools, colleges and universities in a city. There are a lot of companies, so the employment market is much more varied than in a small town.

But living in a big city is connected with some disadvantages. The main are air pollution, crime, commuting, traffic congestion, noise and overcrowding. But in spite of all disadvantages, I’d prefer to live in a big city.

What do you think about advantages and disadvantages of urban life?