Can you describe your room?

Let’s have practice in speaking. Elementary school Year 4

Describe your room

Hi, I’m Vlad and today I’d like to describe my room. It is on the second floor of our detached house. The room is not big but very comfortable. There are three windows in my room so it’s light and often filled with sunshine. The walls in my room are white.

There is a big bookshelf on the left of the room and there is a comfortable bed on the right. There are some photos on the bookshelf. 

There is a desk in front of the bed. The beige computer chair is at the desk. The laptop is on the desk. I use it to have my online classes and to prepare for my lessons. 

There is a chest of drawers in the corner of the room. I keep my books, school supplies and toys there.

There is a fitted wardrobe near the window. It helps to keep my clothes in order.

I like my room because it is a good place for work and study, to relax and have fun. I think my room is stylish and beautifully designed.