Elementary school

Have you got a pet?

My Cat

I’m Liliya and I’ve got a pet, it is a cat. My cat Luna is not big.

We bought her in Cherkasy  two years ago. She was delivered by bus in a small box. I gave the name to my pet. It was very small and so cute!!! I think she liked our flat. 

Luna has got very beautiful large green eyes, a fluffy tail and long whiskers. She is black and white. There is a black spot in the middle of her nose.

Luna usually sleeps a lot. Sometimes we go to the park with her but she doesn’t like it.

My cat eats the cat food, buckwheat, milk and sausage. Every evening my mum gives her some sour cream. Luna is so delighted to eat sour cream.

Luna gets up with my mum and wakes me up. Very often I sew clothes for my cat and put them on her.

Luna is a very good friend, she plays with me every day. She jumps high and runs fast. Her hiding place is the bathroom. My cat goes to bed with me.

Our family love Luna very much!!!