Elementary school

Speak about your mother. Say what she looks like and what kind of person she is. Tell what her job is, what she likes and dislikes. Say about your relationship with your mother.

What can I say about my mother? I love her very much and she is my best friend.

She is thirty-six. She is a very pretty young woman.  She is tall and slim. She has got beautiful long blond hair and blue eyes. Her eyelashes and eyebrows are fair.  Mum’s got dimples in her cheeks when she smiles. Mum’s got a good sense of humor and she loves jokes and laughing. Her smile is very pleasant.

My mother is very kind and understanding. She is very caring, hard-working and intelligent. Sometimes she is demanding and strict. She helps me with my homework and all my problems.

Her favorite colors are pink and blue. She is fond of   wearing beautiful dresses and skirts.

 Mum’s hobbies are traveling, reading books, and driving a car.

 My mummy doesn`t like cooking, but she likes delicious food.

She is a bank employee,  she worked in a bank 8 years ago. Now she is an assistant  of the deputy. And she takes care of my baby brother.

My mother doesn`t like animals that’s why I don’t have  a pet

I love my mum with all my heart. I think she is the best!