Develop your speaking and writing skills

Do Speaking Writing Test 5 Year 7


Speak about your plans of organizing a party. Give some information about:

  • what the theme of the party may be
  • where you would like to have it
  • who you will invite
  • what you need for the planned event
  • who will help you
  • how you will advertise your party


Task 1. Choose the correct variant.

1.Don’t forget to buy _____ cheese.

a. many
b. some
c. a few
d. little

2. There’s _____ coffee in the cup.

a. a
b. little
c. few
d. an

3. I want _____ paper, please.

a. many
b. lots
c. some
d. any

4. Is there _____ more juice?

a. no
b. any
c. some
d. many

5. Greg’s mother won’t soon arrive after the parents’ meeting. – _______

a. Neither will Dan’s mother.
b. So will Carol’s mother.
c. So does Jim’s mother.
d. As does Mary’s mother.

6. Doris looks fine. – _________

a. So do I.
b. So did I.
c. So will I.
d. So was I.

7. Kate needs _____ your help _____ your advice. She can do everything alone.

a. and … and
b. neither … nor
c. either … or
d. or … or

8. Mike can _____ use this car _____ the other one. Both are very fast.

a. as … so
b. either … or
c. or … or
d. neither … nor

Task 2. a. Put the verbs in brackets into the Present Perfect Continuous Tense.

1. My mum ____________________(to do) aerobics for ten years.
2. I _____________________(to wait) for you at the station for two hours already.

b. Complete the questions with the correct question tags.

1. Their house is in the beautiful countryside, __________?
2. Your mother hasn’t bought any English books, __________?

Task 3. Rewrite the given sentences in the Passive Voice.

  1. Meg asked the policeman for directions._______________________________________________
  2. Their granny takes them for a walk every day.___________________________________________
  3. Greg opened the door. __________________________________________________________
  4. We play tennis every Tuesday. _____________________________________________________

Task 4. Write about the place you live in. Give some information about:

  • its location on the map of Ukraine
  • its nature and attractive places
  • why you are proud of living there
  • what you would like to change to make it look better.

Hope Speaking Writing Test 5 Year 7 wasn’t difficult for you.