Tell about your mother, will you?

Elementary school

Let’s have practice in speaking. Describe your mother’s appearance, tell about her hobbies, likes and dislikes, her age, and her job.

My name is Liliya and I want to tell about my mummy. She is thirty-five. She is a very pretty young woman. She isn’t tall and slim. She’s got shoulder-length brown  hair and beautiful brown eyes. Her face is oval. Her eyelashes and eyebrows are dark. Her lips are thin. Mum’s got a very pleasant smile.

My mummy has got an elder sister and a niece.

My mum is very kind, easy-going and helpful. She is very caring, smart, hard-working and intelligent. Sometimes she is demanding and strict. My mummy sometimes helps me with my homework. I like doing English homework together with her.

Mummy loves animals very much. We’ve got some pets at home: a cat Luna and lots of fish. 

My mum is an accountant. She likes working with numbers. She’s very responsible.

I am fond of reading books and watching films together with my mummy. Mum can cook many delicious things. Her hobbies are knitting and embroidering. She knits me sweaters and scarves. She embroidered me a lovely vyshyvanka. Mummy enjoys travelling especially abroad. And she loves shopping.

I think my mummy is the best and I love her very much!!!