Life is impossible without music

I’d like to tell about music I like.

Can you think of a day without music? I think it’s impossible. There is music everywhere: at home, in concert halls, in parks, at the seaside and even in the forest. But in the forest, of course, it is better to listen to birds singing and other natural sounds like the wind in the trees.

Role of music in the life of different people is different: some compose music or play music, and others just listen to music.

A lot of people who cannot play any musical instrument, love to listen to music either at home or at a concert hall.

I think music isn’t a combination of pleasant sounds only. It is an art which reflects life. Music reflects people’s ideas and emotions.

I’m fond of many kinds of music: pop, rock and roll, folk music, jazz and others. My favourite group is the Beatles. The Beatles were formed in 1957 (nineteen-fifty-seven). Those were the times when the real earnings of young workers had grown rapidly, creating a generation who had money to spend on leisure and luxury. Clothes and music became the symbols. No band was more important than the Beatles. They provided British teenagers with an identity that cuts across the barriers of class, accent and religion. In 1963 (nineteen-sixty-three) their song “From Me to You” became their first number one hit single.

Soon the Beatles performed live in eighty-four different places in England, fifteen in Scotland, six in Wales and two in Ireland. A national and a global phenomenon, the Beatles played all over Europe, as well as in Australia, Japan and the USA.

Beatlamania swept the country. When BBC failed to broadcast the music that people wanted, pirate radio stations filled the gap. That was a cultural revolution.


  • impossible – неможливий
  • natural sounds – природні звуки
  • compose music – писати музику
  • either … or … – або … або …
  • a combination of pleasant sounds – поєднання приємних звуків
  • reflect – відображати
  • earnings – заробіток
  • rapidly – швидко
  • generation – покоління
  • spend money on leisure and luxury – витрачати гроші на дозвілля та розкіш
  • provide – забезпечувати
  • an identity that cuts across the barriers – ідентичність, яка перетинає бар’єри
  • perform live – виконувати наживо
  • phenomenon – феномен
  • fail – зазнавати невдачі
  • fill the gap – заповнити прогалину

Tastes differ. Will you please get ready to speak on ‘Music I Like’.