Develop your speaking and writing skills

Do Speaking Writing Test 4 Year 7


Speak about your family traditions. Give some information about:

  • how big your family is
  • what each member of your family likes doing in their free time
  • what things you usually do together
  • what holidays you often celebrate
  • what holiday food you like to cook
  • how you decorate your house.


Task 1. Choose the correct variant.

1. There is _____ wine in the bottle.

a. a

b. some

c. few

d. an

2. There are _____ sheep on the farm.

a. little

b. some

c. a

d. an

3. It’s hot. Open _____ windows.

a. a

b. any

c. an

d. some

4. How _____ bottles are there in the bag?

a. much

b. few

c. many

d. little

5. He would love a cup of tea. – _____

a. As will I.

b. So will I.

c. Neither would I.

d. So would I.

6. Bob can’t play football very well. – _____

a. So can I.

b. Neither can I.

c. So could I.

d. Either could I.

7. You can use _____ this computer _____ the other one. Someone must fix them first.

a. either … or

b. neither .. nor

c. or … or

d. and … and

8. We can eat _____ just now_____  after the show — it’s up to you.

a. or … or

b. either … or

c. or … nor

d. neither … nor

2. a. Put the verbs in brackets into the Present Perfect Continuous Tense.

  1. I’m very tired. I ____________________________ (to work) hard.
  2. He ____________________________ (not to work) on a new film since February.

b. Complete the questions with the correct question tags.

  1. Boys sometimes go fishing in the pond in the morning, ___________?
  2. My friend will go boating down the river, ___________?

3. Rewrite the given sentences in the Passive Voice.

  1. Harry ate two apples.
  2. She plays a leading role in this film.
  3. They gather mushrooms in the forest.
  4. We did the homework yesterday evening.

happy funny mother and child bake christmas cookies

4. Write a letter to your pen friend who lives in the USA about traditional celebrations and traditional family holidays in your country:

  • what this holiday/tradition is and when it is celebrated
  • which of your family members like it most
  • what things you usually prepare for this day
  • Ask about traditions in your friend’s family and in his/her country.

Hope Speaking Writing Test 4 Year 7 wasn’t difficult for you!