Write about your dream house.

If money was not a poblem, what kind of house would you like to have? Write about:

  • type and size of house
  • location
  • outside (garden / garage)
  • inside (rooms / furniture and furnishing / style
  • other (neighbours / attractions in the neighbourhood)

I like to dream. Sometimes I dream about my future house and what it would be like. I’ll share with you some ideas concerning the house of my dream.

If money was not a problem, I’d like to live in a detached house somewhere in the mountains.

My house would be rather big, with two floors. There will be  a fitted kitchen, a spacious dinning room and a living room downstairs. It would be great to have a jacuzzi. I’d like to have my bedroom on the second floor with the breathtaking view on the mountains.

The house would be fully furnished. There will be a large plazma television, a good stereo system, a fireplace, some comfortable arm-chairs and leather sofas in the rooms. I’d prefer modern furniture and design style.
I’d like to have a back garden with some flowers and a good orchard.
There will also be a garage.
I don’t want to have any neighbours, because sometimes they can be annoying.
The house of my dream wouldn’t be very far from a town or a city for me to have an easy access to the shops and amenities on the car. I would drive there in a comfortable fast electrical car.