Tell about your favourite animal

  • What is your favourite animal?
  • Is it big or small?
  • Is it beautiful or ugly?
  • Is it friendly or dangerous?
  • What do you know about its life?

Red Foxes Are Interesting Animals

Hi! I’m Vlad. I like reading stories about animals. Today I’d like to tell about red foxes. They are native to Ukraine. They live in the forests, in the country and even in towns. There are many fairy tales about foxes. A fox is a national animal of Ukraine because it is inventive and brave and has a talent to get out of any situation.

The fox is a member of the dog family and is a distant relative of the wolf. Foxes are a little bit bigger than a cat. They have beautiful red and white fur and a long bushy tail. They’ve got sharp teeth.

A female fox is called a vixen. A male fox is called a dog. A baby fox is called a cub. They are very cute.

Foxes live on every continent except Antarctica. Fox’s home is called a den. Foxes can live up to 14 years.

Foxes eat mice, hens, rabbits, lizards, birds, eggs, worms, spiders and other insects, berries, even jam sandwiches. Foxes may eat around 1 kilo of food every day. Foxes hide food to eat later under leaves, snow, or soil.

Interesting Facts about Red Foxes

Foxes are active at night. A fox can run 48 kilometres per hour (30 miles per hour)They have amazing hearing, they can hear a watch ticking more than 36 metres (40 yards) away.

Foxes use 28 different types of calls to communicate with each other.

The fox has been hunted for its beautiful fur. Sometimes people tame foxes and have them in their homes as pets. Foxes never attack people. Red foxes may be dangerous if they have rabies, but dogs and cats may have this disease as well.

I like red foxes, I think they are very interesting animals.

Check whether you know these words

  • native – рідний
  • forest – ліс
  • fairy-tale – казка
  • national – національний
  • inventive – винахідливий
  • brave – хоробрий
  • talent – талант
  • to get out of any situation – вийти з будь-якої ситуації
  • distant relative – далекий родич
  • fur – хутро
  • bushy tail – пухнастий хвіст
  • sharp teeth – гострі зуби
  • female – самка
  • vixen – лисиця
  • male – самець
  • cute – милий
  • except – крім
  • den – лігво
  • hide – ховати
  • soil – земля
  • amazing – дивовижний
  • to communicate with each other – спілкуватися один з одним
  • hunt – полювати
  • tame – приручати
  • rabies – сказ
  • disease – хвороба