Speak about the education reform in Ukraine

  1. There is strong reason to believe that the education system in Ukraine needs changes so it was decided to reform it.
  2. According to the plan, reform of education is planned for introduction by 2029.
  3. In Ukraine, within the framework of the European integration, the reforms of school education (of the structure and of the content) are aimed at synchronizing the Ukrainian school with the European standards.
  4. Ukrainian education is being transformed now.
  5. Ukraine is now implementing a major education reform programme: TheNew Ukrainian School.
  6. The New Ukrainian School is a key reform of the Ministry of Education and Science.
  7. School students will study for 12 years instead of 11.
  8. The focus is shifting from memorizing facts, to creative thinking and developing children’s ability to put skills into practice.
  9. The main goal is to create a school, where it will be a pleasure to study and which will give pupils not only knowledge, but also the ability to apply it in life.
  10. The New Ukrainian School is a school that appeals to pupils.
  11. Ukrainian school should better equip pupils with the skills needed to learn throughout life, think critically, set and achieve goals, work in teams, and communicate in a multicultural environment.
  12. Reform plans include introducing new education standards, improving learning facilities at educational and scientific institutions, engaging the best teaching and research staff, and implementing a fair and transparent system of education and science funding.
  13. The reform also aims to make teaching and research more prestigious.
  14. There are plans to transform the Ukrainian education system turned into an innovative environment, where school and university students acquire skills and abilities to obtain knowledge independently and apply it in practice.
  15. Such is the core idea of the reform.
  16. The reform involves introduction of new educational standards and increasing the prestige of the teacher’s profession.
  17. New state standards of secondary, vocational, and higher education will be introduced.
  18. The new state standards of school education will help to introduce new teaching methods, change the format of communication between students, parents, and teachers.
  19. By the time pupils leave school, they are expected to have such key competencies which, apart from the traditional ones, are initiative and innovativeness, economic competency, etc.
  20. Besides, a student will be expected to demonstrate other skills, such as critical and pattern thinking, creativity, as well as the ability to control emotions in a constructive way, evaluate risks, make decisions, and solve problems.

Speak about education reform in Ukraine.