Can you tell about your friend?

My Best Friend

I have many friends. Ania is my best friend. She is nine. I think she is pretty.

She has got shoulder legth straight dark hair. Her face is oval. She’s got beautiful large green eyes and short thick eyelashes. Her eyelashes and eyebrows are dark. Her lips are full. Ania’s got a very pleasant smile.

She’s good at telling funny stories and she likes laughing. My friend is very kind and calm. She is intelligent and good at Maths.

My friend’s family is not big. She’s got mum, dad and a younger sister. She’s got two pets: a big grey cat Sima and a small dog Yumi. Sima is quiet and lazy, and she often sleeps on the sofa. Yumi is playful and noisy.  Ania likes Yumi more because she is fond of playing with her.

My friend Ania is a good pupil. She gets only good and excellent marks. Ania is good at Science because she loves nature, animals and plants.

She can draw very well and she can dance. She attends sport dancing lessons and art classes.

Her favourite thing is her smartphone because she likes playing games, taking selfies, texting and chatting with her friends.

We often visit each other, have fun and love sleep over parties.

I am sure that Ania is a good friend.