Imagine you are an editor of a popular teen magazine. In your review:

  • write what it is about and what it is called
  • decide what topics it writes on
  • mention how often it comes out

Hello everyone!

My name is John and I am an editor of a popular teen magazine “TeeNStar”. Our reading audience is between 12 and 19 years old. The magazine covers all things interesting for teens such as lifestyle, gadgets, fashion, health, fitness, academics, high school, entertainment and more. It caters to both female and male audiences. Our teen mag is not just about beauty, cosmetics, people, and relationships. It also targets teenage boys who want to know the latest in online gaming, athletics, new music, motor vehicles, and other activities. “TeeNStar” is for teenagers but it also may be interesting for adults.

On pages of “TeeNStar” you’ll read about celebrities and fun facts about teen idols as well as interviews with them You will keep current if you read about the latest in hair style, dresses, shoes, skin care products, and current fashion styles because being in trend is very important for teenagers.

Music plays a huge role in a teens’ life so we write articles about popular musicians or bands, the songs they play, types of shows or concerts in which they are appearing, the story behind their success, etc.

We offer tips on teen dating and such sensitive subjects as teen pregnancy, drug addiction, and peer pressure.

Thousands of teens go to college every year, and they need some ideas on what schools to go to, where to
stay, what courses are in demand, how to choose the right course, or university. You may find very useful life hacks concerning preparation for school leaving exams and how to beat test anxiety.

In each issue we also added topics connected with common teenage problems. Psychologists give some advice how to have good relationship with classmates, teachers and parents and how to avoid and stop bullying.

“TeeNStar” is a monthly edition. If you buy it you will have a chance to win different prizes from a book to a telephone. We publish a quiz in every issue.

There are also adverts concerning summer programmes guides, language courses, and part time jobs.

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