My Friend Yarik

Tell about your friend, will you?

My Best Friend

Yarik is my best friend. He is nine.

I think he is handsome. He has got short blond hair. His face is oval. He’s got brown eyes and light eyelashes and eyebrows. When he smiles he’s got dimples in his cheeks.

My friend Yarik is intelligent and he memorises things well. He is helpful and calm.

My friend’s family is not big. He’s got an elder brother.

He’s got a pet. It’s a lively Jack Russell Terrier. Yarik likes playing with him and sometimes he walks his dog.

My friend is a good pupil. He’s my classmate. He gets good and excellent marks.

Yarik is good at Maths, IT and PE. He likes doing sums, working on computer and playing sports games. His favourite game is volleyball. He attends a sports club twice a week.

His favourite thing is his smartphone because he likes playing games and texting with friends.

Yarik has got a penny board and we like skating together.

My friend’s hobby is riding  a bike because he is a sporty person.

I think Yarik is a good friend.

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  1. Bekreniova 05.03.2020 at 11:19 - Reply

    It’s great to have a friend. Be careful skating your penny board!

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