My Friend

Elementary School Level A1

Let’s learn how to speak about your friend.

Answer these questions to describe your friend

  1. What’s your friend’s name?
  2. What does he/ she look like? What’s his/ her hair like? What colour are his / her eyes?
  3. Has he / she got a big or a small family? Has he / she got brothers and sisters?
  4. Has he / she got a pet?
  5. What’s his favourite thing?
  6. What can he / she do?
  7. What can’t he / she do?
  8. What’s his / her favourite sport?
  9. What’s his her favourite lesson? What is he / she good at?
  10. Does he / she like doing his / her homework? What marks does he / she get at school? (good, excellent, satisfactory)
  11. What does he / she like doing in his / her free time?
  12. What’s his / her favourite food (drinks)?
  13. What kind of person is he / she?
  14. What do you like doing together?

Plan to speak about your friend

  • Name, surname
  • Age
  • Description: handsome, pretty, not handsome, not pretty, tall, not tall, short, thin, fat, plump
  • Hair: blonde, fair, brown, dark, short, long, straight, curly, wavy
  • Eyes: blue, brown, black, grey, green
  • Family: big, small, a brother, two brothers, a sister, three sisters
  • Pet: a cat, a dog, a rabbit, fish, a parrot, a canary, a hamster, a guinea pig, a chinchilla
  • Favourite thing: a skateboard, a bike, a football, a kite, model planes, a doll, rollerblades, a computer, a DVD player, a CD player, a laptop, a computer, a smartphone
  • Can / Can’t: play the guitar, play the piano, play the drums, play the violin, play football, rollerblade, sing, dance, play chess, play computer games, skateboard
  • Favourite sport: football, tennis, basketball, ping pong, volleyball, gymnastics, aerobics, martial arts (judo, taekwondo, karate), athletics, cycling
  • Favourite lesson: Ukrainian, Reading, English, Maths, Science, Handicraft, Nature Study, IT, PE, Music, Craft, Art

Use linking words and, but, or

She’s got long hair and blue eyes. He’s tall and thin.

He’s short but he isn’t thin. The girl can play the piano but she can’t play the drums.

He can’t play the guitar or the violin. He hasn’t got a brother or a sister.

Use this sample to speak about your friend

My Best Friend

Susan is my best friend.

She is ten.

She is pretty.

She has got long curly fair hair.

Her face is oval.

She’s got beautiful large grey eyes and long thick eyelashes.

Her eyelashes and eyebrows are dark.

Her lips are full.

Susan’s got a very pleasant smile.

She’s good at telling jokes and she likes laughing.

My friend is very kind and helpful. She is very smart and she knows a lot of interesting stories.

My friend’s family is small. She hasn’t got a brother or a sister.

She’s got a pet. It’s a beautiful white cat Fluffy. Susan likes playing with him.

My friend is a good pupil. She gets only good and excellent marks.

Susan is good at Maths and she likes doing sums and solving problems.

She can play the piano and draw very well but she can’t dance.

She attends a music school and art classes.

Her favourite thing is her smartphone because she likes playing games, taking selfies and chatting with her friends.

Susan has got a bike and we like cycling together.

My friend’s hobbies are singing, riding a bike and playing computer games.

I think it’s important to have a good friend.