Can you describe your best friend?

Speaking Sample My Best Friend Ilona

Ilona is my best friend.

She is nine.

She is pretty.

She has got long wavy fair hair.

Her face is oval.

She’s got beautiful brown eyes and long thick eyelashes.

Her eyelashes and eyebrows are light.

Her lips are thin.

Ilona’s got a very pleasant smile.

She likes laughing.

My friend is very kind and helpful. She is very smart and she knows a lot of interesting stories.

My friend’s family is big. She has got a brother and a sister.

She’s got two pets: a parrot Kesha and a guinea pig Zhora. Ilona likes playing with them.

My friend is a good pupil.

Ilona is good at Handicrafts and she likes making things.

She can dance but she can’t skateboard.

She attends dance classes three times a week.

Her favourite thing is her smartphone because she likes playing games, taking selfies and chatting with her friends.

Ilona has got rollerblades and we like rollerblading together.

My friend’s hobbies are dancing, drawing and playing computer games.

I think Ilona is a good friend.