Have practice in writing

If money was not a poblem, what kind of house would you like to have?

Write about:

  • type and size of house
  • location
  • outside (garden / garage)
  • inside (rooms / furniture and furnishing / style
  • other (neighbours / attractions in the neighbourhood)

Hi, I’m Ira and I’d like to share my dream with you. If money was not a problem, the house I’d like to have will be a small but cozy and comfortable detached house in the suburbs. I would like to live in a private house, the windows of which will face my own garden. There must be a flower bed with colorful flowers under the windows. My house should have two floors. And there will be 5 rooms for everyone to have their own space. There will be a garage for the car.

I want to design my bathroom in the style of minimalism, nothing extra, everything will be as simple as possible and comfortable in blue colors.

The kitchen will also be small but cozy, comfortable and furnished to chat with my friends over a cup of tea or coffee and just have lunch with my family.

The place to relax will be a living room. I really want a living room with a real fireplace. It is associated with family gathering, especially in winter. It should be quiet and pleasant so you can read, watch TV or just sit on the sofa looking at the fire.

And finally, my favorite room. The bedroom must have an unusual ceiling `Starry Sky` with comfortable bed, a wardrobe, armchairs, and lots of decorations such as pictures, photos, an aquarium, neon illumination, etc. It will be the so-called dream fairytale room. I’m sure that the house I’d like to have will be ideal for a happy life with my family.