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A website, wants to make a map of the world showing everyone’s favourite places. They want people of all ages to write about places they like in the country in which they live. Write the description of your favourite place.

  • Give details of where your favourite place is.
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  • Say why it’s your favourite place and how you feel there.

I am sure that website “” would like to launch a great ptoject. I want to join it and share some information about the favorite place in my motherland.

My favorite place is the village of Mykulychyn. It is a low-altitude climate resort located in the Prute river valley. It’s interesting that Mykulychyn is the longest village in Ukraine ,with a total length of 44 kilometers.

Some words about its history. The first records of Mykyluchyn are found in historical documents of the 15th century. There exist materials about the village from an ancient time when Prince Danylo Halytsky presented the surrounding lands to the governor of province Mykula and that is why the village has such a name. According to the data of 1912 Tatariv and Vorokhta (which were hamlets then) belonged to Mykulychyn. It was believed to be one of the largest Hutsul villages. In 1910-1944 a 20.9 km long narrow-gauge railway was built for transporting wood from the mountain areas. The tourists eagerly used the railway to watch the marvelous views of nearby mountains. Mykulychyn was an important administrative and territorial center until 1939.

Mykulychyn has always been the centre of production of carved and incrusted tables. Nowadays there are still many craftsmen in the village – carvers, painters etc.

According to the latest data, Mykulychyn has a population of about 5,000 inhabitants.  Mykulychyn is a very picturesque place with mountains, forests, and waterfalls. The village is located at the height of 600-800 meters above the sea level. It is also called the valley of winds because warm and cold air masses meet in this place. There are several mountain tops on its territory – Mount Chertizh on the right side of the Prut River, Mount Lyshniv  and the Vorokhtansky Mountain Range to the northeast.

Now Mykulychyn is a resort village near the popular town of Yaremche in the west of Ukraine. At the beginning of 20th century first villas and resorts appeared here. In 1901, the first Ukrainian hotel “Public Hotel” was opened here. Lesia Ukrainka and Ivan Franko took their vacation here. Lesia Ukrainka is painted with Hutsul necklace made of beads in many portraits. As a health resort, Mykulychyn was famous for treatment with Zhentysia (sheep whey).

After Ukraine became independent, a number of boarding houses were built which comply with the highest demands for recreation. Eco-tourism which involves staying in village cottages is highly popular.

You can use various tourist services here, such as cycling, ATV tours, hiking, ski tourism, equestrian tourism, tours in the Carpathians, rafting.

It’s my favorite place because nature is so beautiful there and the air is so clean. I love the scenery, spectacular mountains covered with trees, forests and Mykulychyn has it all. In this village I feel happy and relaxed. We were there twice with my family and a big company of our friends. I recommend everybody to visit this beautiful part of Ukraine.