Where We Live

Have practice in speaking

This is an example how to describe where you live.

Actually people live either in multistoreyed buildings or in private houses (detached houses or semi-detached ones, town houses or bungalows). Still some people live in hostels, for example non-residential students who study at colleges and universities.

We live in a new flat in one of the largest residential areas. We moved into it five years ago. Our apartment is on the fourth floor of a nine-storeyed residential building. Our block of flats is conveniently located close to the shops and amenities. Easy access to transport facilities is one more advantage.

Our flat comprises a spacious living-room, a study, two bedrooms, a kitchen, a bathroom, and two closets. It has two balconies and all modern conveniences: running cold and hot water, electricity, gas, central heating, telephone and power shower. There is a rubbish chute in our building. Our flat faces the park and the view is amazing.

When you come to see us you will first come into an entrance hall. It’s not very large but rather cosy. There is a stand for hats, coats and umbrellas and a mirror on the wall. From the entrance hall you may get to each room through separate doors.

Let’s have a look at the living-room. By the way, it is the largest room in our flat. There is a wall unit in it. Opposite the wall unit there is a sofa, three arm-chairs, a coffee table and a nice carpet on the floor. The door next to the window  leads to the balcony. We grow a lot of flowers there. There is a TV set, a DVD player and an audio system in this room. There are two pictures on the wall and a chandelier hanging from the ceiling. We like to receive our guests here. They always say that we have a lovely combination of colours in this room.

When you come into the other rooms you will see that they aren’t as large as this one. Now a few words about these rooms. The smallest is the study. There is a desk with a table lamp on it, many bookshelves, fitted bookcases, a computer, and a printer. My parents work there and sometimes my brother and I study there too.

The bedrooms are the most comfortable rooms in our flat. They face the park where there are a lot trees, bushes and flowers and these rooms are always filled with sunshine. There are beds, chairs, fitted wardrobes, chest-of-drawers and mirrors in our bedrooms.

In the kitchen there are cabinets, a table, some stools, a cupboard, a sink with water taps. There is also a fridge and a freezer, a gas cooker, an electric oven, a microwave oven and a dishwasher. We always have meals there.

The bathroom with a washbasin, a shower cabin with a power shower is very comfortable. There is a washing machine  there.

We like our bright modern flat very much. There is no place like home as Englishmen say.

Describe where you live, will you?