Grammar Time: Some or Any

Elementary School Year 4

If you aren’t sure what to use some or any, let’s learn it together. And what is more you’ll have a great chance to enrich your vocabulary on the topic “Food” and revise the construction There is / There are.


We use There is some … There is much … with uncountable nouns, such as water, milk, sugar, lemonade, tea, coffee, soup, cheese, meat, fish, salt, jam, etc.

We use There are some …  There are many…  with countable nouns, such as apples, sweets, bananas, eggs, carrots, potatoes, boys, girls, oranges, hamburgers, etc.

Some вживається в розповідних реченнях та у ввічливих запитаннях Would you like some tea? Can I have some water? Would you like some bananas? Can I have some cherries, please?

У питальних та заперечувальних реченнях вживається any: Is there any butter in the fridge? There isn’t any butter in the fridge. Are there any oranges on the table? There aren’t any oranges there.

Check yourself. Do the exercises using some or any.

Exercise 1. Complete the sentences with some or any.

  1. I need ______ sugar, ______ flour, ______ eggs, ______ butter and ______ milk to make a cake.
  2. There is ______ butter in the fridge, but there isn’t ______ milk.
  3. Are there ______ eggs? – There aren’t ______ eggs left.
  4. We haven’t got ______ flour.
  5. We haven’t got ______ milk. We can’t make an omelette.
  6. Bob always likes ______ sugar in his office.
  7. I can see______ children in the yard. They are playing.
  8. Poor Oliver was hungry. He wanted ______ bread.
  9. Give me ______ tea, please. I am thirsty.
  10. Is there ______ cheese on the plate?
  11. Are there ______ pictures in your book?
  12. Would you like ______ milk in your coffee?
  13. Have you got ______ time to spare? I’d like to ask you ______ questions.
  14. My brother doesn’t like ______ onions in his soup.
  15. There are ______ yellow and green pencils on the table.
  16. Is there ______snow in the street?
  17. There isn’t ______ meat in the fridge.
  18. I have got ______ interesting books.
  19. Can I have ______ apple juice, please?
  20. Is there ______ fruit in the fridge?

Exercise 2. Make the sentences interrogative and negative.

Example: There is some sugar in the sugar bowl. – Is there any sugar in the sugar bowl? There isn’t any sugar in the sugar bowl. 

  1. There is some oil in the bottle.
  2. There are some sweets in the box.
  3. There is some cream in the jar.
  4. There are some apples on the tree.
  5. There is some money on the table.
  6. There are some mushrooms in the basket.
  7. There is some chocolate on the plate.
  8. There are some carrots in the bucket.
  9. There is some melon on the dish.
  10. I’ve got some tomatoes.
  11. He’s got some cucumbers.
  12. They’ve got some friends.
  13. You’ve got some onions.
  14. I have some money in my pocket.
  15. She has some packs of butter in the fridge.
  16. He has some sausages for breakfast.
  17. They have some bags of flour.