Develop your writing skills

A website, wants to make a map of the world showing everyone’s favourite places. They want people of all ages to write about places they like in the country in which they live. Write the description of your favourite place.

  • Give details of where your favourite place is.
  • Describe the place.
  • Say why it’s your favourite place and how you feel there.

Kyiv My Favourite Places

Recently I’ve read an announcement on your site I think it’s great that people can make a map of the world showing everyone’s favourite places. I want to join your project of creating this map and write about my favourite place.

I live in Ukraine. This country is situated in the southeastern part of Europe. Kind and hard-working people live in my country. Ukraine is famous for its rich history and traditions, beautiful nature and breathtaking scenery, famous writers like Taras Shevchenko and Lesya Ukrainka, for old cities like Kyiv and Lviv. There are lots of cool places in Ukraine, but my favourite one is Kyiv. It is the capital city of Ukraine. Kyiv can be proud for many things: the Dnipro River, views, bridges, museums, the main street Khreshchatyk and the deepest subway station in the world – Arsenalna station and lots of others.

I’d like to say some words about my favourite places in Kyiv. The first is Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra. It’s one of the first monasteries of Kyivan Rus. The Lavra was founded in 1051 by Yaroslav the Wise. Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra is famous for its caves. Caves in the Lavra keep the relics of 49 saints.

The next place is Saint Sophia Cathedral. It was founded by Yaroslav the Wise. This Cathedral is famous in Europe for frescoes and beautiful architecture. It combines Byzantine and Baroque architectural styles.

I like Independence Square. It is the central square of Kyiv. It’s famous for the monument in honor of Ukraine’s decade of independence in 2001. This is a column with a figure of a woman with a viburnum branch in her hands. The height of the monument is 61 meters. The Square is famous for monuments and a shopping mall ‘Globe’.

I adore going shopping. There are some famous shopping malls in Kyiv. They are Ocean Plaza, Gulliver, Art Mall, River Mall, Sky Mall, Lavina, Globus, Arena City and some others.

When I am in Kyiv I feel deep pride for my country and its talented people. I want my country be highly developed and flourishing. I am sure that Kyiv is one of the most beautiful cities in the world where rich history go side by side with modern technologies.