What’s Your Attitude to Fashion?

I’d like to share my attitude to fashion.

I’m a bit on the plump side. I don’t fit in those Barbie doll clothes everybody wears. That’s why I see myself as a black sheep but I don’t mind it too much. Black sheep are simply different, so what?

Most of the girls in my class are fashion victims. They wear tight clothes and spend all the breaks browsing through fashion magazines that tell them what is in and what is out. I’m definitely not in because I always wear XL T-shirts and sweaters.

I like romantic comedies and reading so I am also a bit of a dreamer and a bookworm. The others often tease me and they call me a weirdo. I have all sorts of problems because of my weight, believe me. Luckily, I am a fighter and I have an attitude. I know exactly where fashion is on my priority list – at the bottom.


  • a bit on the plump side – трохи повненька
  • a black sheep – людина, не схожа на інших
  • a fashion victim – жертва моди
  • tight clothes – тісний одяг
  • browse – переглядати
  • definitely – безумовно
  • a dreamer – мрійник
  • a book worm – книжковий черв’як
  • tease – дражнити
  • a weirdo – дивак
  • a fighter – боєць
  • have an attitude – мати власну думку
  • priority list – список пріоритетів
  • at the bottom – в кінці

Discussion What’s Your Attitude to Fashion?

Do you agree or disagree?

  1. Clothes are immediate. They tell us about people right away.
  2. It’s not important to be in style.
  3. It takes time, effort and money to keep up with what is in.
  4. Famous people usually set the trends.
  5. My friends decide what they’ll wear by looking at popular singers.
  6. Clothes can be like drugs. Many teenagers easily become addicted.
  7. Many people want to be like somebody.
  8. Adults don’t judge by appearance.
  9. The most important thing is that you feel comfortable in the clothes you wear.
  10. There’s so much fuss about expensive clothes.
  11. Young people can buy cheap clothes and create their own style.
  12. Fashion and music have always been connected.
  13. A person’s style depends on the imagination, not that much on money.
  14. Fashion should be more on the artistic style but today it is a big business.
  15. It’s important to be fashion-conscious and always keep up with the latest trends.

Make a presentation about yourself. Mention what you usually wear, your favourite clothes and attitude to fashion.