Let’s learn to speak about Christmas traditions in Great Britain

First of all, let’s learn the words

  • celebrate – святкувати
  • Christmas – Різдво
  • Merry Christmas! – Веселого Різдва!
  • Happy New Year!  – З Новим роком!
  • send greeting cards – посилати вітальні листівки
  • relative – родич
  • decorate – прикрашати
  • Christmas tree – ялинка
  • hang – вішати
  • Christmas stocking – Різдвяна панчоха
  • Santa Claus – Санта Клаус
  • bring – приносити
  • present – подарунок
  • at night – вночі
  • traditional – традиційний
  • Christmas dinner – Різдвяна вечеря
  • stuffed turkey – індичка з начинкою
  • Christmas pudding – Різдвяний пудинг
  • Queen – королева
  • speech – промова
  • on television – по телебаченню
  • in the afternoon – в день
  • Trafalgar Square – Трафальгарська площа
  • London – Лондон
  • frosty weather – морозна погода
  • a box of sweets – коробка цукерок
  • a party – вечірка
  • congratulate – вітати
  • carols – колядки
  • invite – запрошувати
  • cookies – печиво
  • listen to music – слухати музику
  • Christmas Eve – переддень Різдва

Have more practice to use vocabulary Christmas in Great Britain Elementary School

Christmas in Great Britain Elementary School

  1. People in Great Britain celebrate Christmas on the twenty-fifth of December.
  2. It is a very happy holiday.
  3. The English people send greeting cards to their relatives and friends.
  4. They decorate a Christmas tree.
  5. They put presents under the Christmas tree.
  6. The children hang Christmas stockings.
  7. Santa Claus brings presents at night.
  8. The traditional Christmas dinner is stuffed turkey and Christmas pudding.
  9. People like to sing Christmas carols.
  10. The Queen’s speech is on television at three o’clock in the afternoon.
  11. There is a big Christmas tree in Trafalgar Square in London.

Answer the questions

  1. Do you usually have a party on your birthday?
  2. Whom do you usually invite to your birthday party?
  3. Do you like to get presents?
  4. Do you like to give presents?
  5. When do people in Great Britain celebrate Christmas?
  6. What kind of holiday is Christmas?
  7. What do English people send to their relatives and friends?
  8. What do they decorate?
  9. Where do English people put Christmas presents?
  10. What do English children hang?
  11. Who brings presents at night?
  12. What is the traditional Christmas dinner?
  13. What do people like to sing?
  14. When is the Queen’s speech?
  15. Where is there a big Christmas tree?

Match two columns

1.There is a big Christmas tree             a. on television at 3 p.m.

2.They put presents                                b. hang Christmas stockings

3.People in Great Britain celebrate     c. very happy holiday

4.They decorate                                       d. brings presents at night

5.The traditional Christmas dinner    e. under the Christmas tree

6.People send                                           f. Christmas on the 25th of December

7.It is a                                                       g. is stuffed turkey and pudding

8.The children                                          h. greetings cards

9.The Queen’s speech is                          i. a Christmas tree

10.Santa Claus                                          j. in Trafalgar Square in London

Mark the sentences true (T) or false (F). Correct the false ones.

____ 1. English people celebrate Christmas on the 7th of January.

____ 2. People celebrate Christmas on the 7th of January in Ukraine.

____ 3. People send presents to their relatives and friends.

____ 4. TheBritish don’t have a Christmas tree at home.

____ 5. On Christmas Eve children put their presents under the Christmas tree.

____ 6. At night Santa Claus comes and puts presents into the stockings.

Speak about Christmas in Great Britain.

Write a letter to Santa

Dear ____________ Claus,

My name is ____________. I live in Kaniv, __________.

I love my family. Can I have a ____________________ for  Christmas, please?

Merry _______________!

With love,