Writing Practice

You’ve got your American pen-friend’s email about school lessons. Read it.

Hi Oksana,

Thanks for your letter. It was very interesting to read about your school.

In the USA we don’t have as many subjects as you do. Of course, we study English a lot. We read stories and books, watch videos, listen to songs, learn and recite poems and do a lot of exercises. I hate grammar exercises, we have so many of them. But I know we have to do them to know our native language well. We also talk a lot and discuss some problems at our English lessons. We often work in groups and projects at the lessons as our homework. All my friends and I like making projects very much, it’s such fun. But we don’t have subjects like Nature Study or Geography. We have Science where we study these subjects. We also have a lot of Mathematics, we call it Maths, and we like doing sums and solving problems.

You too have terms, don’t you? You know that a term is a half a year. We have five or six lessons every day and they are the same for the whole term. In the second term, we will have different subjects, but they will also be on our timetable every day.

What about your timetable? How many lessons do you have every day? What are they? How many English lessons do you have a week? What do you do at your English lessons?

Looking forward to your letter.



Write an email about school lessons to your American pen-friend. You may use the following:

My English Lessons

English is one of the subjects I like the best. Our English teacher trains us in good pronunciation, reading, listening and speaking. We often work in groups and learn to take interviews and support conversations.

I like role play and project work very much. It’s easy for me to learn new English words. Learning grammar is difficult but I remember the proverb that practice makes perfect and do many grammar exercises.

My favourite activities in English class are reading and doing projects, singing songs and speaking English. I’m fond of doing computer tests.

I think that spelling is the most difficult point in learning English. It’s my weakest point. This year we have started to make the first steps in writing paragraphs and essays.

I’m lucky to have an American pen pal. It helps to practice my English better.

My dream is to visit an English-speaking country.

I hope to use English in my future job.

I’m fond of English and American literature and culture. I like reading books by English writers.