Tell about your best friend, will you?

Level A2

I have known my best friend since primary school, that is for thirteen years.

On the first day at school he sat next to me and immediately we became friends. We kept sitting next to each other for the following nine years and nothing could separate us. We had the same hobbies and so we even met after school and we would spent part of our holidays together too.

But then I was luckier than my friend and I passed the entrance exam to grammar school and it was then that we stopped seeing each other often.

My best friend is a very friendly and sincere person. He always tells me what he thinks of my problem and he doesn’t mind telling me unpleasant things. Sometimes he is quite moody. He gets upset on a minor problem but in a minute he calms down and is as cheerful as ever. He’s also very generous. He would even give everything he’s got just to help somebody. He’s reliable, though not very punctual.

Check whether you know the following words:

  • primary school – початкова школа
  • immediately – негайно
  • keep doing something – продовжувати щось робити
  • each other – один одного
  • separate – розділяти
  • pass an exam – здати екзамен
  • entrance exam – вступний екзамен
  • sincere – щирий
  • don’t mind + Ving – не проти
  • unpleasant things – неприємні речі
  • quite – досить
  • moody – в поганому настрої
  • get upset – засмучуватися
  • minor problem – незначна проблема
  • calm down – заспокоюватися
  • cheerful – життєрадісний
  • generous – щедрий
  • even  – навіть
  • reliable – надійний
  • though – хоча
  • punctual – пунктуальний

Answer the questions

  1. Have you got a lot of friends?
  2. What is your best friend’s name?
  3. How long have you been friends?
  4. Do you often see each other?
  5. Where did you meet for the first time?
  6. What do you do in your free time?
  7. What are your favourite hang-outs?
  8. What do you usually talk about?
  9. Do you quarrel?
  10. What do you like best about your friend?
  11. Has she / he got any shortcomings?
  12. Do you think friendship depends on shared interests – hobbies and leisure activities?
  13. Does it mean that if two people don’t have common hobbies they can’t be real friends?
  14. What features do you like / dislike in people?